Saturday, August 15, 2009

GBBD August 2009

There was plenty blooming here on Garden Blogger Bloom Day and I took photos and uploaded them...then did nothing. I just couldn't get too excited about most of the blooms. Why?
Ornamental oregano, O. laevigatum Herrenhausen. I'm really happy with this cute filler that flows over the rock edging. I'm happy that it's happy but...
Dragon wing begonia is bigger than I expected and quite lovely.
It's just what I wanted for this pot that sits near the patio table. But...
Mirabilis...white four o'clocks. They used to have more color but over the years I've ended up with only white. Is that why I'm bored with these blooms?
Fagoli Nano Marconi...Italian green beans. I love these! It won't be long before we are eating them! OK...these I'm happy about.

A little vignette near the front door...dwarf Indigo Spires salvia, pink gaura, Butterfly Blue scabiosa and variegated society garlic. Hymenocallis foliage although I've yet to see the bloom. I divided and moved a couple varieties last year so don't know which one this is and won't unless it decides to bloom. I'm glad I've changed this area over to more heat tolerant plants so it's no longer sunburned cranesbill all summer...but...

Society garlic is a summer-long dependable bloomer. Could it be that seeing those same blooms for months is a bit...boring?
Solanum rantonnetii, purple potato vine , is another constant bloomer for many months. I know why I'm tired of these blooms...this plant has exceeded its care requirement quota once too often. I've been cutting it back almost weekly all summer. Don't tell it but it's days are numbered...I'm in the market for something that will be a bit better behaved here. As in the right plant in the right space.
It's still summer here in Davis and not really time for planting much. Maybe I'm suffering from summer doldrums. Pelargoniums, salvias, abutilons, begonias, alyssum, even the wisteria have bloomed for so long and there is nothing really new to see. Summer has always been my favorite season but maybe I'll be happier when fall begins to sneak in.
There will be no itemized list this month...I just can't make myself do it. Probably be the same as July's anyway!
I hope you've checked out what's blooming elsewhere..probably with more grateful gardeners. To do so visit our esteemed leader Carol, at May Dreams Gardens!


Kathy said...

I'd be glad that summer was almost over here, except that fall is too short and winter is too long. I'm having anxiety attacks!

Chris said...

Your post made me chuckle. I'm feeling the same way in Sacramento.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I knew there was a downside to year-round gardening! It's funny, but my garden is never the same from week to week. Maybe if it wasn't, I wouldn't take so many photos. After reading your post, I'm going to be dreaming of pasta fagioli.

Carol Michel said...

I'll bet you have some new blooms in there somewhere, but even here, many of the blooms of August are also the blooms of July. It is definitely a transition month.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens