Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Birthday, Sweet Granddaughter!

The Sweet Granddaughter and I spent a fair amount of time outside this weekend during our trip to San Diego for her first birthday. We practiced having gentle hands with flowers in her courtyard...with only a few pink marguerites sacrificed in the process...and I swear she can almost say flower! We walked up and down the front sidewalk so we could see more of the world...maybe as much as 50 feet..and she loved hearing the birds and would sign "bird" (her mom and dad have taught her baby signs and she knows quite a few!) Other things she really liked examining included pop-up sprinklers, drains in the landscaping, wood chips and iceplant. Just about every little thing was interesting and deserving of inspection...helping me to slow down and notice things I might not have otherwise seen. The least interesting things we saw were ants and a beetle. So maybe she won't be an entomologist...a dislike she comes by honestly from both mom and dad. So one possible career choice crossed off....eight million to go!


Carol Michel said...

Don't be too sure about entomology, she might 'catch the bug' later on. But how wonderful that she has a grandmother like you who shows her the flowers and helps her learn to be gentle with them!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Anonymous said...

A darling little gardener and flower-lover! Happy Birthday to your sweet one.

Connie said...

Sweet, indeed! My grand-daughter is 2 and spending time with her is so special. Does yours live nearby?

Unknown said...

She's a cutie with those blond waves in her hair and flowers on her shoes... and if that's you in the first picture, I must say that I would never have pegged you for a grandmother. That is lovely, that the two of you both learned a few things on your walk. :)

Annie in Austin said...

Lucky you, Leslie! And lucky granddaughter to help her explore and find out about the natural world.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Meems said...

leslie: isn't it just wonderful the way little ones make us notice and appreciate every little thing if we will just slow down a bit with them? Your little girl is quite adorable and looks like she's already sure on her feet at her first birthday.

growingagardenindavis said...

Carol...I did hear that after I left she kept showing her other grandma ants...I guess she just needed to think about it!
Thanks for coming by, Becky! I plan to make sure she at least knows how to grow tomatoes!
Oh Connie! I wish she lived nearby! It's about a 9 hour drive or 4 hours of airport, flight, rental car. But she's coming HERE in June so I'm excited!
Well other daughter taught me to be discriminating in choosing photos to post...some are more flattering than others!'s fun for me, too, to take time to notice things that I'd have walked past!
Hi Meems! She only yesterday decided she could walk alone...up till then at least one finger hold was required! Walking with her makes me constantly wonder what she thinks as she's just amazing to me!