Friday, February 15, 2008

GBBD February 2008

It's lucky for me Bloom Day is the 15th...we've had high winds for the last two days which meant picture taking would have been problematic. Today, though, is looking to be calm and sunny which is a perfect beginning to the weekend. As usual there are plenty of blooms in the Central Valley to perk up the garden, helping to draw the eye away from the plants waiting to be cut back after the danger of freezing passes. This is a frustrating time in the Davis garden...some days feel like spring and make me want to run to the nursery while the reality is it's way too early to assume winter is over. Plants cut back too early are susceptible to damage/death from a killing frost so I have to live with the blackened and dried foliage for a while longer. In the meantime here is the list for this month...

Rosa Berries and Cream
Red Cyclamen
White Cyclamen
Summer Snowflakes
Solanum jasminoides
Vibernum Spring Bouquet
Iberis sempervirens
Yellow snapdragons
Light Pink Abutilon
Abutilon Pink Parasol

Bush Mallow

Dwarf Carnation Evermore
Marguarite Comet Pink

Camellia Jordans' Pride in bud
Camellia Chandler Elegans in bud
Tulbahgia fragrans

Linaria (winter annual)
Pink miniature rose in bud
Rosemary Tuscan Blue

Polygala dalmaisiana (sweet pea shrub)

Helipterum Sunray (false chamomile) in bud

Broccoli...under chicken wire and bird net to try to protect it from the sparrows. They think it's salad bar time.


Frances, said...

Good looking garden. I have to use chicken wire over all the fall planted containers to keep the squirrels from digging and burying walnuts and chestnuts in there. We have lots of sparrows but they aren't the problem the four footed guys, like rabbits, are about eating the veggies. We will cover the berries with netting if we get any fruit this year. I loved the false chamomile, what is the latin name?
Frances at Faire Garden

Carol Michel said...

We have the crocus in common right now, but that's it. Your garden looks like summer in my garden.

Thanks for joining in for bloom day again.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Robin's Nesting Place said...

I love broccoli but have never grown it. You have lots of pretty February blooms.

growingagardenindavis said...

Frances...I'll keep in mind I should be grateful I don't have squirrels and rabbits! The false chamomile is Helipterum anthemoides. I got it at OSH in a 4" pot and have had several in a window box type planter for about two years. It needs a good cutting back after blooming but otherwise is quite easy to care for.
Hi Carol! I should do the "what are you embarrassed about in your garden" could see my lawn and realize it's nothing like summer in your garden. I am truly a failure at lawn care.
Robin...I grew the broccoli from purchased really is quite simple if you can keep the sparrows off!

Annie in Austin said...

Who needs lawn when you can grow plants like these, Leslie. Your range of plants is so wide - stuff we see in northern blogs, southern blogs and some must be only for Californians.

No squirrels or rabbits is better for the garden but the children would probably like them!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Sue Swift said...

I love the mallow - do you know its Latin name? How large does it grow?

Unknown said...

That sweet pea shrub is beautiful... does it have a scent to it?

I love seeing what's in bloom at your place, Leslie, so I can imagine my own garden when I move to warmer climates. ;)