Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day November 2007

There are still a number of blooms in Davis...we've had a very mild fall so far and some things are blooming that I've never noticed before at this time of year. Of course that may be due to the fact I'm not always paying good attention...maybe I'll see in years to come that this is typical behavior!
The first of these is Viburnum Spring's got the beautiful metallic blue berries and has already begun to seems early to me!
Also beginning to bloom is Tulbaghia fragrans...only one bloom but considerably earlier than I remember.
Every year I buy red cyclamen for the porch at Christmas. After the holidays I can't make myself throw them out so they get tucked in wherever they can. The first one to bloom arrived just in time for bloom day!
Also beginning to bloom are the pink snapdragons tucked back under one of the viburnums.
In the category of on going workhorse bloomers is the white potato vine, now mingling with the bright red rose hips of Rosa New Dawn or Rosa Berries and Cream...they're a tad tangled up so I'm not sure who they belong to! Also continuing to bloom are the zinnias (you know if there were fewer orange plants they would have given up long ago!), Rosa Flower Girl , borage, and the pelargoniums , shown here with the garlic chive seed head I can't bring myself to dead head. And at the rate the kids are gathering the seeds and planting them I may be overrun with garlic chives next year! The complete list for bloom day is:

Solanum rantonnetii
Solanum jasminoides
Shasta daisy (I don't remember having a Shasta bloom this time of year...ever!)
Chrysanthemum (Pink)
Chrysanthemum (Maroon)
Rosa Flower Girl
Rosa Demitasse
Wax Begonia
Blue Marguarite
Salvia Victoria Blue
Salvia nemerosa May Night
Salvia nemerosa Blue Hill
Pink Pandorea
Viburnum Spring Bouquet
Culinary Oregano
Plumbago Royal Cape
Tulbaghia fragrans
Penstemon Apple Blossom
Penstemon Bev Jensen
Nepeta Walker's Low
Dwarf Carnation Evermore
And in the house I have one Christmas cactus has just put out it's first bloom!


Carol Michel said...

Lots going on in Davis. Red cyclamen for Christmas? Sounds beautiful! Thanks for participating in Bloom Day again!

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

Annie in Austin said...

You've got a fabulous array for mid-November, Leslie - will that potato vine keep blooming in winter? I planted two of the blue ones and haven't had a single flower though the vines are alive.

I like those red zinnias.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Connie said...

Love those red zinnias! I always hope for reds when I plant the mixed colors, but they seem to elude me. Do you save the seeds?

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

That's quite a long list of blooms in November. And some great pics to go along with your list. I have a potato vine too it mine grows in my greenhouse. Love those red Zinnias, such a wonderful colour for this time of year. BTW my blooms are up too if you're interested!

Garden Wise Guy said...

Has anyone zapped you for a ‘meme’ lately? It’s a pleasant little exercise in proliferating blogs. Have a look at my blog ( and decide if you’d like to keep things moving. Simple rules and a great way to see what everyone is up to…

growingagardenindavis said...

Annie...the potato vine will keep blooming a while then lose some of/all its leaves depending on how cold it gets this year. The blue ones are more tempermental here (translation...I killed mine...)
Connie...I don't save the seeds but I do scatter them in the fall...sometimes that works!
Yolanda Elizabet...thanks for stopping by...I'm off to see your blooms! year I guess I should plant red zinnias since they are so well liked...but due perhaps to my great photography skills... those were all orange zinnias appearing red on Blogger!

Garden Wise Guy said...

Leslie: thanks for stopping by my blog with your nice comments. I'm really enjoying writing in a more expanded format. Hope it helps some folks while putting a smile on their faces.