Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day

Today many bloggers will be posting about the environment. I hope to read about some good ideas that I can work into my life...there is so much we can all do to help heal the earth. Reducing the amount of our personal contribution to the damage that is being done to the environment should be on everyone's mind. Ideas about cleaning products, garden chemicals, transportation, food choices and other daily activities that should be the result of thoughtful choices will hopefully abound today and I plan to check out as many as possible.
My small contribution is to ask that we consider what it is we want to ultimately leave to the children who are coming behind us. We need to think about the fact that we are teaching these children every moment by our examples...good and bad. We have the perfect opportunity to take these open minds and teach them to be able to see the beauty of open their eyes to what is around them and to give them the tools to live in the world in a way that is least harmful. All the things that we are thinking about, all the habits that we are working to change, all the choices we are working to make... we can make it easier for the children by having them grow up with the idea that we think about things, we consider the cost to the environment and we make a choice. Everyone who has contact with children...parents, grandparents, extended family, teachers, neighbors... we all need to to think about what example we are's good for the children, it's good for us, and above all it's good for the earth.


Annie in Austin said...

Leslie, you are so right - and I hope your words are taken to heart.


Garden Wise Guy said...

Leslie: I must have missed out on the call for Blog Action Day. I guess I've been doing my bit anyway, since almost everything at my blog is about sustainability, the ridiculous obsession with lawns (and the carbon they are responsible for) and designing with nature.

I appreciate your thoughts. Perhaps we can exchange links? I'll get you on my blog tonight - always interested in high quality stuff.

Later, skater.