Thursday, April 19, 2007

Gardening Laws

Over at May Dreams Gardens it has been mentioned that Murphy's Law for gardening is "When you have time to garden the weather can prevent you getting into the yard and when it clears up you end up too busy with other commitments to get any gardening time in." My personal, time-tested gardening law is..."When you see ants and wonder where the trail is...look down. You're standing in it." I'm wondering if anyone else has any long-standing laws of their own to add?


Unknown said...

One such "law" that hits me very personally is this:

A struggling plant will decide to look beautifully lush and flower profusely as soon as you tell it that it's days are number and you have already chosen its replacement!


CoastalCAGardener said...

Seed packets will magically disappear at the time the seeds should be planted, and magically re-appear just when their season is over.

To answer your question about starting potatoes in your area, you will probably be successful with an early season or mid season potato variety. Late season may be too late. I'm thinking that in 60-75 days, Davis won't be too hot for potatoes. 120 days would be pushing it. To find out which varieties are early, mid and late season, I would go to Ronniger's Potato Farm website.

Also, if heat is getting to the plants, I have successfully moved them to an afternoon shade location for those extra warm days. Let me know if it works for you.

growingagardenindavis said...

Kim...that is so true...especially when you've already purchased the plant!

coastalcagardener...I've had the same thing happen even when I know I checked three times. And thanks for the potato info...I'm hoping to try it with your potting ideas.

Annie in Austin said...

Leslie, if you've been waiting to see the first bloom of some kind of flower, it will open two hours before the big thunderstorm.


lisa said...

The most exotic plant that takes the longest to mature enough to bloom will be the one that's NOT true to name-by then of course the guarantee's run out and/or you lost the receipt! Oh, and my favorite-free plants ALWAYS grow the best!