Saturday, September 16, 2006

Time For Onions, Fennel and Beets!

Having recently used up last year's onions I was motivated to get some in the ground earlier this year...and there I was getting a nursery fix (sometimes I just need to be at a nursery even though I know it is a bad idea to imagine I have an empty spot to plant anything) and what should I see, but onion starts. Since I knew I wanted California Red that was easy. But there were also sweet yellow and Bermuda White...neither of which I've ever tried. So I came home with way too many onions for my garden size. I managed to get them planted in what will remain a sunny spot...not all of my veggie garden is sunny through the winter. And since I was tucking things in I planted green onions, fennel and chioggia beet seeds. I am also trying cippollini onions from seed...they should mature before the weather gets too cold. I am of the belief that if you saute a few onions you are halfway to a good meal...they smell so good!! Having done this earlier this week I was feeling pretty good about the garden and then yesterday I had a few minutes to spare and made the mistake of pulling in at the nursery again. Leeks! I love leeks...sauteed or in potato soup...and they are so pretty. Unfortunately, they were in a six pack with twenty or more in each today I bit the bullet and took out all the tomatoes except the cherries as well as one of the eggplants. The tomatoes had slowed way down and were getting that late in the summer look and this eggplant had stopped setting. Now I have an insane amount of well as some left over starts I need to find a home for.

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