Saturday, July 08, 2006

It's too hot to dig outside so I came in to check some things on the computer...and I ended up here! I'm really enjoying reading all the great garden blogs and realized this might be a way to keep up with my garden can only hope.
I've been gardening most of my life but for the past 26 years I've had too many gardens to recall, all in this same yard. There was the one that came with the house (OK not much more than a bottlebrush, overgrown plum tree and weeds), the raised beds we put in soon thereafter, the mostly grass so the kids could play, and most recently a number of evolutions that have seen the grass slowly disappearing. At least it is gone in the front yard and reduced in the back...I still need space for the children in my family child care to play. But I have added shade in several forms and most of those are living.
My job for today was to dig holes to put in a new fence/trellis. My neighbor down the street was nice enough to put out a great metal and wood headboard with a "free" sign on it...I feel a little guilty for taking it instead of pointing out to her that it was perfect for the yard...I just cut the posts down so I didn't need a 2 1/2 foot hole and it is looking good! As soon as it cools off I can finish digging and it will be ready to go.
I also pruned the banksia rose on the arbor...just a little too enthusiastic of a grower to let it be. Aside from that there was deadheading and watering as always. And of course checking for those almost ripe tomatoes...I want my Caprese salad!

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